About Us

Stack Life started out of a simple crush….you know we all have one. That one rig you see driving around town that you secretly take pictures of and dream of one day meeting the owner. Well, guess what, I met mine!!! Not only did it start my obsession with stacking, but it began a beautiful friendship that will last a lifetime.

At that point, I was making silly T-shirts for my friends, so I happened to make one that said Stack Life with a couple of Jeeps stacked on each other. Well, lo and behold, a lot of people started to ask for it. SO, with that Stack Life was born.

We then added in MudHole Mermaids, being a true MudHole Mermaid myself I was excited to start this one.  The average age of women off roading is 45! We are finding our new place in life...kids are gone, getting divorced and just reinventing ourselves. I want a place for women to come and ask questions, learn and just have a good time.  It is not all about the mud.....but that is added fun.

NotSoStock4x4 we took over is 2023. We had been helping the original founder for a few years behind the scenes and he entrusted us to take it to the next level.  There are big plans in the next couple of years with this one, as it will not be just a clothing brand.  

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to meeting you out on the road!!